Privacy Policy does not target its games and services to ages under 13, but we make a great deal of effort to protect those under 13. We do not ask users under the age of 13 to disclose any more information than necessary for them to participate in a particular activity (such as registering).

What information we collect

To prevent abuse and enhance the features of our site, we collect non-personal information such as the IP (internet provider). Sometimes, we may store a file called a cookie on your computer. These non-malicious files are set to delete themselves within a short period of time (usually one day). They are used by us to help our advertisers target their traffic. A cookie may also be saved on your computer by our ad providers (SurgeDirect, EpicGameAds, and Google Adsense) when you click an ad. This is saved on your computer so the advertisers can tell that you've already clicked an ad. This saves our advertisers from paying for double and fraudulent clicks. 

We only collect necessary information

The information we collect is only the information which is necessary. No personally identifiable information (such as your phone number, address, name etc) is ever collected unless you have willingly submitted it such as through registration.


To ensure the highest amount of privacy, is equipped with many security features to protect our files from unauthorized access.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The contents of this policy may be altered at any time, at our discretion. 

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We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all our visitors