Got a great game for sponsorship? Is is a fun online game? Well, ArcadeGrab is always looking to sponsor all of the internet's best online games. These are the standards the game must meet:

  • Game must be created completely by you or you must have sale rights.
  • Game must be unreleased. We are not currently interested in non-exclusive/sitelock purchases.
  • The game must be under 5mb, under certain circumstances, we may consider larger games.
  • Graphics must be polished and the game must be bug free.
  • Most important of all, it must be fun!
  • Game MUST BE a flash game (compiled into one swf). The Unity and HTML 5 markets aren't large enough yet so we prefer Flash Games Only.

Now, you may say, well how do I know which genre you like best? Here's a good list of our top five favorite genres of flash games. That doesn't mean we don't like other genres, but these are the ones we like best:

  1. Physics
  2. Tower Defense / Defense
  3. Puzzle
  4. Platformer
  5. Strategy

So now you probably know, I've got a great game and you better sponsor it! Or, my game isn't so good, but you still better sponsor it!. Either way, if you think you've got a decent game, with decent graphics, then we will definitely consider a sponsorship. Our general sponsorship range is $50 - $500. As you can tell from our budget, we are not looking for blockbuster, 10/10 games. We are looking for decent games that are fun to play. If you are interested, use the contact form below. 

Please include all the game details and a link to the game if possible. Also, please include a price that you have in mind.

If you prefer to IM us, you can add our Skype: mokshalstudios